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wellness starts within

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

If quarantine has taught us anything it is that wellness starts within. This past year has brought an insurmountable amount of loss. Loss in financial stability, loss of loved ones, loss of mental health, and loss of physical and social connections with others.

Through the loss we have learned that being physically fit is not enough, you must also be mentally fit in order to maintain your health and overall wellness. US Gymnast Olympian Simone Biles and World Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka are prime examples of this lesson.

We are only as strong as our mental strength. Just as you feed your body for nourishment, we need to feed our minds healthy and positive thoughts in order to be and remain mentally fit. If you haven't considered your mind in your health and wellness journey well that just might be the first place you need to start. Make it a habit to prioritize and protect your mental health first and your physical health will improve in the process.

Physical fitness and health starts in the mind.

Here are some ways you can feed your mind the good stuff:

  1. Track your achievements in a journal

  2. Practice gratitude - find something to be grateful/thankful for daily

  3. Focus and work on your strengths

  4. Connect with your loved ones more

  5. Disconnect from people, things or activities that are toxic and negative

  6. Take time away from technology. Get off the grid.

  7. Take social media breaks

  8. Recite positive affirmations to yourself daily

  9. Don't bottle it up - release toxins and stressors through talk or writing

  10. Get some sunshine, increase your vitamin D

  11. Practice forgiveness - let it go.

  12. Say no - set up boundaries to protect your mental health

  13. Get a therapist.

Wellness is a lifelong commitment to putting your health first -

Do the brain work and the body will follow.

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1 Comment

Carla M. Harris
Carla M. Harris
Aug 05, 2021

I'm seriously working on #5, and everything else. Excellent read!!!

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