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Grind Culture just may kill you

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

"Always hustlin' on the grind Cause I gotta get mine all the time (all the time) Don't sleep"

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle...HARD!

You get the point, right? Today's grind and hustle culture reinforces the notion that in order to live your best and most fulfilled life you must hustle all the time. Many even advocate that you should lose sleep in order to make your dreams come true with sayings like, "I'll sleep when I'm dead". Well in all actuality this endless chase for the best possible life and for the next dollar may actually be inching you closer to the coffin than you may think.

It is important that while you are in pursuit of your life goals whether that be fitness, financial, or career goals, that you are able to balance that with REST! It is very easy to feel overworked and overstressed when you have not given your body it's proper time to recover. According to licensed clinical psychologist, Randy Simon, Ph.D., "Watch out for the moment you can’t enjoy your time off of work. If work’s all-consuming, it’s not healthy."

Numbers Don't Lie

- 43% of all adults suffer from adverse health effects from stress

- 75-90% of all doctor's visits are for stress-related ailments, illnesses and complaints.

- Stress can negatively manifest in the body and contribute to problems like headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression and anxiety.

- Stress costs American industry more than $300 billion annually leading to OSHA's (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) declaration of stress as a workplace hazard.

- The prevalence of emotional disorders is more than 50% often due to chronic and untreated stress reactions.


Signs You're Doing Tew Much!

Here are a few warning signs that you may be experiencing burnout and stress:

  • You turn to substances (alcohol, drugs) to help relax you

  • Inconsistent sleep patterns - lack of sleep at night and daytime fatigue

  • Your productivity is stalling and you are more distracted

  • You are feeling blue - lack of interest in

  • social activities (early signs of depression)

  • You are moody or feeling unstable - easily irritable and anxious

  • Back and neck are aching

  • Your relationships are suffering - turmoil in personal relationships due to excessive stress

Time to get right!

Below are some ways you can add healthy relaxation practices into your daily routine.

1. Nourishing baths and body care - this helps to restore feelings of peace while also soothing sore muscle aches and pain. Try a bath with essential oils like lavender to promote relaxation. Also try body care work like stretching and foam rolling for body rejuvenation.

2. Meditation and deep breathing exercises - meditate where you can, when you can. Take time to read a book, relax your mind and focus on something other than work. Our minds are connected to our bodies, so as you sink into a state of calm and peace your body will follow allowing you to reduce stress that your body can sometimes carry.

3. Move your body! - overworking sometimes leaves your body in a constant slump so try adding in some activity while at your desk. Stand up while at your computer, having walking meetings, walk your office, sprint up the stairs, do mini exercises from your chair. Every little bit of moment helps.

4. Engage in creative activities - while your body and mind are definitely important aspects of reducing stress and promoting healthy life choices, a creative activity can soothe a tired soul. Find ways to do something out of the box that will increase your endorphins and allow you to express yourself in unique ways. Whether you choose to paint, draw, journal, or create something with your hands these activities can increase feel good hormones while reducing stress-induced hormones (cortisol) in your body.

The grind never stops, BUT for the sake of your physical, mental, and spiritual health be intentional about taking time to nourish your mind, body and spirit to promote a long, healthy, and happy life.

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