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Wanna get fit? nice workout clothes may be key!

"Owning activewear you love can promote a healthier, more active lifestyle. When you feel good, your mindset shifts to a place where self-care becomes more important to you. You should always feel 100 percent comfortable and supported in your workouts."

- Denise Lee, CEO of Alala

Struggling to make it to the gym?

Well the secret to maintaining a good workout routine may lie in the clothes you wear.

According to a study, the 'fake it 'til you make it' theory may actually be true - nearly nine out of ten gym lovers (88%) agreed that simply putting on their gym clothes provides the biggest surge of motivation. Studies show that when people liked what they were wearing they felt more confident and inspired to get active.

Another study found that around 80% of people believed that owning good gym clothes to be an essential first step toward accomplishing your fitness goals. However, dressing the part is not the only path to fitness glory, you must also talk the talk. Confidence starts in the mind, so be sure you are mentally fit and building your motivation within so that your mind is as beautiful as your workout clothes.

When you look good you feel good - do your body a favor and buy that workout outfit that makes you look and feel amazing!

Shop our collections and find that special piece that gets you out of your slump and gets you moving!

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